Sunday, May 9, 2010

honey lemon

honey lemon drink ; KTZ, SS2

Got this quote from Brian's twitter.

Never fall without anyone or anything to fall on.

I notice it right after I wrote this blog post. I'm dying to fall onto anything right now but I can't afford to do so. I'm not strong and independent as how I present myself, sometimes I need time alone to sort out everything in my daily life and that pressures me a lot. I'm not good at juggling everything at one time but I'm forced to do so. I'm not too attached to my family or friends, call me a loner. :( Ok, sometimes I do rely on my family to do stuffs for me but then again, I handle my life in Subang on my own. :P

Right now listening to Breakeven by The Script, yes I'm falling to pieces.

I want to be on my own now, I'll crawl out of my comfort zone when I feel like doing so.

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