Saturday, May 8, 2010


That's the end of my college life. One more month of the A level syllabus then I'm done. I'm so so sorry for not spending much time with my classmates these few days. Anyway I'll make it up during the graduation ball. :) Good luck to everyone with your preparations for the exam.

Jeremy was asking me today whether was I sad about this whole A levels ending thing. To his surprise, I said no. It's not like I'm cold-blooded or what. I just don't let myself get too attached to friends sometimes and also I'm use to leaving to new environment since young. This whole seperating scene just doesn't really have an impact on me.

But, 0901PB2 classmates has been great or maybe superbly nice to me for this one year and 4 months. Thank you for always attending the lunch and dinner together. It has been awesome knowing you guys. Sadly, all of us are leaving soon and to different places for further studies. So the next time instead of having gathering at dining places, I think we'll meet up quite often at the airport to send off some of our friends. :D

I will just like to say to my classmates, sorry if I've said or done anything which had hurt you guys physically or emotionally. Sometimes, I just don't mean it the way you think I do or maybe you just can't catch me joking when I do. Thanks to those who've been there I needed them the most and hear me ranting throughout the lunch breaks. You guys should know who you are. I would like to express my gratitude here from the bottom of my heart. :D Nevertheless, Mr Tan, our mentor has also been awesome. Thanks for putting up with us, the rebellious ones and supporting us in every way. :)

it's always easier to let go when you're unattached.

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