Wednesday, May 5, 2010


me ; xianhui ; mabel

It's another crazy tired day, at least we had some fun in the library as Ju-Hann's girlfriend, Amanda came over to Taylor's. Both of them are just mad cute together. :D I had Benjamin accompanying me right until I left for tuition, thanks dude.

I was almost dreading through the tuition class as I only wanted to get back home and have my mom's baked cheese and macaroni, mmm. The first thing I was told when I stepped into my house is about how I wore again. Sorry to say, but sien is the word, please give me a break.

Lots of TO-DOs tomorow, stress. I need something or someone to let me fall back on.

do you know the feeling of being too full until you wanna puke;
that's what studying's doing to me now.

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