Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok I was just back from the council meeting and when I logged in my msn, there was this someone added me.

This adding thing usually don't happen so I thought that maybe I know "her" so I approved the request.

Creepy enough the conversation starts like this.

xx: Hi I'm xx. I used to be an ex of someone on your MSN.
Me: oo ok. So?
xx: He dare to cheat on me and now I'm showing the X video we made before to everyone

By then I was already spooked. I quickly went finding her name on the list, blocked and deleted "her". "She" manage to leave the link behind before I blocked "her".I thought only guys do those mean stuff so I don't think it's a girl. Also I don't even think it's a revenge thing. Probably it's just a way to advertise porn sites. WTFUFUFUFU MAN! By the way "her" pm was like this, "Looking for a new boyfriend. Lols!"

Crazy dizzy Friday

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