Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ting's birthday


The Quattro

Everyone's shot of the day

The birthday girl, Ting Ting

Chee Han

Kai Lee

Andrew Ooi

Driver for the night, Y.J

Lastly, ME =D

A late post about Ting's birthday bash. We spent the afternoon at Sunway Pyramid and night at the busy KL city. Well me myself experienced my most expensive yamcha session.

Yea, we will come again. X)

Outfit for the day
Blazer: Kitschen
Dress wore as top: Kitschen
Bottom: 6th floor, Sg Wang
Vintage bag: Mom's closet
Studded gladiators: Vincci

I was and will be unable to online and update blog as P1 SUCKSmax wasn't working. I called up P1 CAREline four times and still nothing is fixed. What pisses me the most is that they themselves are also unsure when they will be able to come over to my place and fix the problem.

Everyday is gonna be a better day. =D

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