Thursday, August 6, 2009

Driving test

Perfect slope driving,
Perfect parking,
Perfect 3 point turn,
Dangerous turning!
Pai seh la I'm a drifter not a driver. LOLS! I think the inspector freaked out when I was turning at the sharp corner. He failed me even before I drove out of the institute.

In conclusion, I ter-kandas. =D

I coincidentally met Edoria. The last time I met her was during Raya and her yummy ketupats. Since she is leaving to New Zealand this year, I'm so gonna indulge myself with the Malay delicacies at her house this coming Raya. =D

Good luck for my Maths assignment a.k.a open-book-test tomorrow.

Currently at McD since my internet line at home is down. =(

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