Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walk the Talk

Finally, I have the time for my butt to comfortably sink in my bed and start with this post. This week, something hit me and got me thinking. I've been doing a lot of talking about what I want to do and what I wish I could do, only to realise that I haven't been putting much effort and time into actually making these talking into real actions.

It's less than 10 weeks away from 2012 and how many of you actually did follow the resolution that you've made in the beginning of the year? Bet that you're still counting the weeks just to make sure what I just written was right.

Anyway, so I've decided to walk the talk. A lil' heads up on my upcoming personal project.

Just a small test to see how much would I be interested in videography, I'll be playing with my mom's GF-2 when I'm back in Malaysia to make a video of my crazy food journey.

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