Friday, December 10, 2010


So, I'm having my study break right now. Finals will be on this coming Thurs, Fri, Sat and the following week's Monday. Yes, exam's on Saturday. :( Tell me how depressing is that, and so to cure it, I bought two freaking packets of Snickers! I used to eat a bar of Kit Kat everyday when I was preparing for SPM. :P

While I was finishing my last few pages of Management textbook yesterday, this happened.

Busted! It was half past 3 in the middle of the night, and I was explaining to my dad the need of staying up late for my Management. :)

Also, I'm getting old.

Me: Hey, you having holiday now?
Bro: Of course lah, it's December!

Thousand apologies for that dumb question, never would I ever thought of asking that question at this age. And yes, it's already Decemeber, that explains the trench coat worn. :P

It's so cold here, that I'm frequently getting cold hands and feet. I can't imagine myself dealing with snow! D; To be frank, I edited the photo by using healing brush on my face. I need mama's soup to heal the pimple scars! Stupid scars, you're keeling me!

Oh and one more funny thing. So this year must have been the healthiest year since I was born. Frequent visits to the gym to make sure my tummy won't bulge too much. Other than running on the treadmill, I did some light weightlifting stuff. The story starts when I used this one machine for the thigh, then when I wanted to rotate the weight for my left leg, I didn't know how to. :( So I'm having this psychological effect whereby thinking that my right thigh is firmer than my left.

Imma get some tips the next time I drop by the gym to avoid such embarassment. :P By the way, I had my first hairy crab in Hong Kong yesterday! Will blog about it soon, and till then xoxo.

In life, you either give up or move on.

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