Saturday, September 25, 2010

it's been some time

The one and only Starbucks pic in my Mac

This picture is taken from one of my favourite albums. Everyone single one of us in the album is in a different place right now. :(

To sum up my Saturday morning, woke up from a 6 hours sleep, did my laundry in Hall VII and now here I am studying in hall VII as well. :P I'm gonna have dim sum lunch as a treat for studying so hard and staying on campus. Also, hopefully I'll get Pepper Lunch tonight! Basically I've been looking for food everywhere since I came to Hong Kong and that explains why I've gained around 2kgs in a month. I did manage to went for gym yesterday night, made me feel skinnier for a few minutes. :D

Oh oh! Thanks for the hits too everyone!

i need my Euphoria

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