Monday, May 17, 2010


Zen, Sunway Pyramid

Started my day with the most crap ever. Music and econs notes was the only remedy at that time.

I decided to take a short break from the day and had a nice dinner at One Utama. Thanks to Mr Bear for the accompany. :) Quote of the day, Good food. Good mood.

Before I had my dinner, I manage to grab some time and had my oh-so-OH-SUM caramel machiatto. As usual, Starbucks made my day. One barista complimented my shirt and the other one said, nice tumbler! :D By the way, One Utama's Starbucks is also a nice to place to sit down and do some revision.

Well, I need to off right now. I have 90 economics objective question to finish off and will be having a 3-hour econs tuition tomorow. I feel so happy 'cause it makes me feel that I'm actually being productive.

:) Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber

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