Tuesday, May 11, 2010


H&M Jeggings & Lace-up oxfords

I really believe that it could have been better
but giving up was the chosen option
and so I had no choice but to let go.

It was pain at first
but then again
if I didn't felt so
it wouldn't be right.

I lost touch of who i was before i met you
'cause every single bits of my daily life now
has this tiny weeny of you in it.

I pulled myself through by
listening to new songs
doing the things i like
watching the movie i love.

All these were done
with hope that i won't miss you.

i love the movie you love
like the things you do
just the songs
saved me a little from despair.

I promised myself
never to believe in promises again
i was dumb enough to fool myself this time.

Don't want to look back
I now try to discover a better me
live a brand new life on my own.

I've stop whining
start to rely on those who'll always be there for me
my family and friends.

holding on to them
is the one and only task
i shall undertake from now onwards.

written by anndaprincess 0346 ; 110510

one of the most wonderful memories that's slowly fading. :)

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