Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's too cliche, i won't say i'm in love

Russell's Birthday Eve, 2nd April

We had a simple date at Sunway Pyramid. As usual, I gave him lousy directions and that made him took the longer route to Sunway. *paisehlaaa* We manage to grab our movie tickets for the Clash of the Titans then we squeeze in our dinner 30 minutes before the showtime. My boyfiee being a simple guy, that's what he said, decided to have our dinner at Carl's Jr.

my boyfiee

After the movie, we were suppose to hangout at Asia Cafe till the clock strikes 12 but instead we went to campus' cafeteria first to crash the juniors' welcome party while waiting for the rest.

me and xianhui

Kee Chong & John ; credits to Russell

cold caramel machiatto

Everyone ended up Starbucks after that and he was quite upset about it. At least when it was 12, he was walking me back to my apartment. Here I would like to wish again, Happy Belated 19th Birthday.

Last day of trials, 7th April

Jade, me & Xin Yi

me & wooi yun

xinyi happily running down the stairs ; credits Jade

Nando's with Astin

The hardcore iPhone user

That's what happen for the past few days when I was gone. Just to update you guys, I'm currently addicted to Train's Hey Soul Sister.

it's too cliche, i won't say i'm in love

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