Monday, February 1, 2010


I was being super emotional over the weekend. I didn't get to go to Chic Pop and also couldn't have pint of Baskin as my dinner. I even threw tantrums over my BRA on Friday because he made stupid comments on my FB page. I did felt guilty and so I stayed in my room the whole night in case I go koo koo at someone else.

Luckily I found my saviour on Saturday. When my parents went to the furniture mall to pick up the shoe case, I walked to the nearby mini Giant to find myself some junk food. I went to grab my favourite BBQ flavour Twisties. I swear I actually paused in front of the shelf for a few seconds looking at the price. It was only RM0.98, 98 cents! I grabbed 2 packets and that's all. I manage to finish it all during the weekend.

Yea, so that's all for my weekend. Oh, actually I should blog about my dinner at Victoria Station but since Photobucket is being stubborn so I'll just do it tomorow.

OMG! Please don't screw it up this time.
I really want the offer :(

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