Monday, January 4, 2010

don't know

Right now I'm here blogging. I seriously have no idea how to start off with my essays. Flipping through the contents of Beggs makes no difference because I don't know what am I looking for. So I've decided to wait for my Economics guru tonight to point out to me what to write. Yes, it's you Tai Yean Shan if you are reading this! WAHAHAHAHA!

Instead of lazing around, I'm setting up the router now. The streamyx staff just came today and replaced a wifi modem with a modem. :(

To do list on 4th Jan
Finish Economics essay *postponed*
Have a rough idea on the design of the poster
Finish maths
Translate all the transcripts that are supposed to be sent to HKUST


View from the open-top tour bus in Singapore

Xian Hui introduced me this.


Time's ticking.

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