Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st thing after exam

So there hasn't been a proper post since I finished my AS. Fret not, there will be one lengthy post tomorow. :D Today I'll just write about the stuffs I did after my exam.

Right after we finish our last paper, me and some of my classmates went off to Midvalley to watch the Law Abiding Citizen. Awesome movie I would say but recently I have been watching too much of these gross killing movie.

My rakan-rakan

Grungy lacey

Top: MNG
Shorts: Orange
Lace leggings: J's Fashion Diary
Shoe: Everlast
Watch: Casio

Ok. Till now I haven't cut my freaking hair. Guess I'll need to postpone it until I finish moving all my stuffs to my new house. *sigh*
Spent some time with my buddies from TOA at Sunway. Thanks a lot for having dinner with me and the present. :D

I watched 2012 too. Super lengthy movie which lasts almost 3 hours but it was totally worth it. Some parts were touching and some shows the real human reaction when they face live and death situation.

Before I came back to Seremban I attended Taylor's ECA recognition day. I didn't really have any formal outfits that time so I make do with the apparels I find "formal" and put on my blazer. I even wore my black Converse to the event. 

That's another random and not-so-short post done. :D

Saving up!

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