Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Nothing much to blog about. Suddenly have the oumph in doing some reviews on the blogshops that I've visited recently. Hope it might be useful for some of you. =D

My top fav
Chic Belle
I just wore their Ms Feminine to college today. Felt super comfortable in it. Prices of their goods are much much more cheaper and affordable compare to the other blogshops. Although not all items might be in the current trend but if you find something you like, I bet you'll like their prices even more.

What can I say... SUPERB QUALITY!

pink lemonade
Affordable price for those quirky items. I heart =D

Bella Lolita
Yummy pieces.

One more website that you should not miss if you were to shop online.
Your Shopping Kaki
It's like the encyclopedia for shopping online.

Till then, xoxo

It's Tuesday and tomorow is Meatball Marinara Day =D

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