Friday, September 11, 2009

trials done


Trials is done and now i only have 1 month left for me to get fully prepared for AS exam.

Current location: Seremban

I forgot to bring my laptop's adapter back. Boo! Which means I can't watch late night movies. Nevermind though as I'm going back to Subang Sunday morning. I'm only having a 1 week break as next week I'll be having extra classes for Accounting. Mind you, it's only 2 hours per day early in the morning. In other words I'll basically just rot in my apartment as most people have went back to their own kampung. Another boo!

I shall end my random post with a style shot =D
My hair is heavy, will be needing a haircut soon.
Top: MNG
Aquamarine top (worn inside): Nichii
Leggings: MNG
Printed clutch: MNG
Sandals: Vincci
Watch: Casio

Let's just take a deep breath, don't slack.
And poof!
We're back on study mood. =D

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