Saturday, September 19, 2009


My RM4.50 lunch from the Kid's menu at Ikea. =)

I look so happy with my iPhone. Thanks dad! =D

So yesterday after looking for furnitures at Ikea, my dad came and pick me and my mom. It was raining dogs and cats. Massive jam thanks to the Midvalley freaks. After "surviving" from that jam we thought we were going to have smooth journey back. Instead after listening to the traffic report on and My fm we knew that it's going to be an impossible mission to reach Seremban in time. So we took the long way back to avoid the highway congestion. We took our dinner at Alamanda Putrajaya. I had my yummy waffle. =D *satisfied*
So that's it for the Raya eve post. =D I know my posts are getting shorter and shorter. XP

Our dessert your honeymoon is open @ sunway pyramid. =)

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