Friday, July 3, 2009

Unlucky day

So, I was stupid enough to mistakenly took my friend's key and left my room locked. It was not until my friend told me then only I realised I took the wrong key. Since I am living in the single room there is no other way to get in my room other than retrieving my own key. I borrowed my housemate's key and went to find a locksmith. It was 8 something and all the shoplots were already close. We managed to find a shop and asked him to opened the door for me. The service charge was bloody RM50. My this other friend then offered me to stay at his place with his girlfriend for the night while he sleeps with his housemate. So I turned down the shopkeeper and went for my dinner. Today everything seems to just go wrong. I actually wanted mee goreng but I ordered mee rebus and I didn't finish it.

My keys.

Naturally I got scoldings from my dad about responsibilities and bla bla bla. I called the warden after that to try my luck to get the spare key from the office. Luckily they informed one of the staff who was living in one of the apartments and he handed me the spare key. Phew!s

The key which saved my life. =D

Headless me
Blazer: Kitschen
Top: MNG
Jeans: MNG
Lace-up Shoes: Everlast

Now my door is spoilt.
Don't ask me why *sigh*

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