Saturday, July 4, 2009

parent teacher day

Outer top: MNG
Inner top: PDI
High waist short: Sg Wang
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Flats: TeeToo

It's been ages since I last edited pictures of my own. The picture edited above sucks but it looks better than the original one because of its messy background, which is actually my room.

Today was Parents Teachers Day at Taylor's Main Campus for the A level students. Mom and Dad came at around 10. Feedback from the lecturers about my performance was quite positive except Thinking Skills. It's ok though as I still have trials the actual exam to prove myself.

I spontaneously joined So You Think You Can Sing as they were having their audition in my campus today. Thanks Iggy for helping me to choose my song. However I don't think I have high chance of passing the audition as I can feel my voice was trembling when I was singing. Too nervous I guess.

Around 6, after bathing I went to Subang Square for this Awesome Possum bazaar. Didn't find anything awesome there.

My aircon is leaking.
My Place apartment just sucks!

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