Saturday, July 18, 2009

Traffic Light Party

Tried uploading the pictures on Facebook twice but failed, fed up. Shall try again later in the morning. So I just got back from June intake orientation party, the Traffic Light Party. Everyone was suppose to wear their outfit in either green, yellow or red in colour according to their relationship status.

Red=In a relationship

Yellow=It's complicated


Pichassss peeps!

Registration booth

Group picha

Mingling time!

Ending pose for Thriller, danced by SC 2009

So we had this game where guys and girls wrote their personal details on th fruits. Apple for the ladies and banana for the guys. *I know this doesn't tele with the original chinese cultural but that's the SC 2009's way =D*

Ladies first.
The boys are moving fast!

Lastly, Dance performance by Taylor's dance club.

Still unsure whether I will be attending Bon Odori.

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