Saturday, July 18, 2009


It has been the most adventurous Friday since semester 2 started. I had 4hrs break yesterday and so we, the members from Taylor's University College decided to drop by the Sri Hartamas campus to put up posters on our upcoming project. *shall reveal to you at the end of the post* I only had 2 hours of class before my break so it was actually a very nice day if i didn't screw up my maths exam. I bet there were loads of careless mistakes.

So we took 2 cars to Sri Hartamas. Lunch was at Mr Ho's which costs us RM12 each. RM2 for the tea and RM10 for the food. To me, it was an awesome meal because I had my favourite, western meal, within my budget. This is what we got for RM10

Beef with pork sausages


I forgot to take the others. So there were also fried rice enough for 7 of us and cabbage. The guy there*not sure whether it's the owner or not* was kind enough to prepare us a meal according to our budget.

Around the awesome campus!

Me with the tour guide, Edward Cheu

My class representative a.k.a President of Business Society, Mr Andrew Foo.

HAHAHAH! Finally I caught Mr Loh laughing in one of my pictures! Beside him is Mr Andrew Chin.


Oh yea! And I bumped into Miss Hawtie, Samie. It's been 2 years since I last met you. =D

Lastly, the oh-so-expensive 3 for RM5 mochi for dessert's bar.

The black sesame one is awesome but the strawberry mochi from Bon Odori is still the best and I'm so gonna get it tonight! Who wants it? Place your order in my cbox! =D

DO COME! It's a drama production done to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation. Anyone who is interested can let me know by dropping a message in my cbox. It's open to the public so do bring along your friends and family as well.

Finally pictures are uploaded in Facebook!

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