Saturday, June 13, 2009


1. I am done with my semester 1 exam
2. semester 1 has passed
3. the so-long-anticipated holiday is here
4. I reunited with my lappie and dslr
5. I did my first online shopping from
6. I finish editing my blogskin and it took me almost 2 hours
7. I'm back in Seremban

So, yesterday, 12th June, was my dad's birthday. I practically "ditched" Xin Yi, Jade and Jing for the after-exam-outing and had a scrumptious meal at AH YAT restaurant. Although it was an expensive meal but i didn't really enjoy it. Not because I'm too fussy or whatever nonsense, it's just that it doesn't really suit my taste. Maybe I'm just not use to eating such high class food. So I shall let the pics do the talking.

The appetizer-Icey jelly with prawn inside.
Spot the oh-so-mighty-abalone
It was under the mushroom X)

my oh-so-hawt lil bro
P/S: despite his pimples i still love him =X

Right after the meal, we went to our house in kelana to do some "inspection". It was damn siao hot inside and I sweated like nobody's business. Roughly told my mom what I want in my room. After that we need to wait for her to settle other sections of the houses as well. Once the serious jobs were finished, we headed back to Seremban.

Outfit for the night

Jacket : MNG
Printed Top : Body Glove
High Waist Bottom : 6th floor, Sg Wang
Flats : Teetoo, Sunway Pyramid
Belt : Dorothy Perkins
Vintage Bag : Mommy's closet

and lastly, happy birthday to u pa. =)

currently listening to ; Fiona Sit and Khalil Fong - 四人遊

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