Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 more day

the pimples on the right side of my cheek forms a triangle

Another weekend gone, the only subject that I'm worried about the most is Business Studies, oh Buddha, please let me ace it. :(

It's weird that in exactly one week from now, I'll be probably blogging from a totally different country and yet I still can't feel the excitement.

Right now, I can't wait for Wednesday. I've had it all planned out, I'm going to have my favourite Sub of the Day, Meatball Marinara and grab a Baskin. :) Going to flash my pinky pink iPhone for the "Buy One Free One" promotion they're having.

Wait till I get back from my family trip, I'll make sure my schedules are all uptight. Can't wait to hangout with my smart-ass cousin. It's been like more than half a year since I really sense her lame-ness. Gosh, I miss those time we took public transport just to window shop-ed. We're still going to do it this time, 'cause this lil' princess didn't manage to get her lisence before she left and I don't have a freakin' four wheel machine to drive.

Been having some awesome time on Twitter with this new friend I just knew, Ms Jolyn. We both Starbucks like mad. :DD nice meeting you girl, and we shall really bring our convo face-to-face on Friday.

Speaking of FRIDAYYYYY, it's finally a Friday which I'm not going to spend with my books but head out the whole night. DAYUMMM, can't wait! :P

I Tumblr-ed before I Facebook yesterday morning. (Y)

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