Friday, April 23, 2010


Move on lady, to somewhere you call high class. That's because I'm not worth your attention.

You're such a pain
I don't need you in my life
my friendlist
or on my msn

Calling people with mean names
doesn't make you better either

So you have the same Havaianas slippers as I do
that means we have the same taste
but why do I feel that we don't see things the same way

you are rich
I'm aware of that
but why am I not kissing your ass
like what you said I would do to every rich kids

You bombard me
spread fake rumours
in the public
on my personal blog

did i
ever mention your name out loud

did i
ever flame your FB wall

yet you still have the guts
to like my status
like my blog link

thumbs up for that lady
if you want a round of applause
i can get it for you too

i don't need a two-faced friend
i don't need your calls
or your fake concerns
on how my life is recently

you wanted my reply
here it is

when you have it
you ignore
please stop this childish act

play this game nicely
use your given name
leave your e-mail
your blog link
not by calling youself
whatever, john, cina apek, no name

you have no idea
by flaming my cbox
you're not only hurting me
but also my parents

let's face it
there's no U-turn in this anymore
don't say hi to me
as though there's nothing between us

i have harsher things to say
but i choose not to
that's because i'm not you


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