Saturday, April 24, 2010

Khalil Fong

Picture credits to Khalil's blog

The happy post as promised earlier. :)

So I've been getting comments on how look alike we both are. I usually just laugh and say noooo. The obvious reason would be he's a guy and I'm a girl so there's no way we could be alike. :P Having the same big chunky specs doesn't mean we look the same kay my friends. :D

Ok, so to my banana friends who doesn't know who that guy is. Let me introduce you to Khalil Fong, born July 14, 1983, is a Hawaiian-born, China-raised, Hong Kong-based soul music singer-songwriter signed to the Warner Music label in Hong Kong. *ehem* We are both July babies. XD

Here are a few of his music video to show you guys why I love him so so much.

Nothing Is Gonna Change My Love For You

Is This Enough?



By the way he's coming over this 29th of May which is like during my A2 exam period. !#$%^&* Seriously, could I just take a night off to go Genting, catch his concert and get my ass back to Subang before the sun rises the next day? Guess not. My dad will definitely slaughter me. But but but it's not like there's a paper the next day of his concert. :(

Anyway here's the poster for his upcoming concert.

credits to Genting's website

P/S: I would do anything if I were allowed to go to his concert dad!
P/P/S: He's the third guy whom I love after my dad and my bro right now. XD

Is it a bad thing if i can't even finish a cone of ice-cream?

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