Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Some random facts.

1. It's been some time since I had my coffee in a mug.
2. The first time I used my tumbler, a barista complimented it. :)
3. Also, now I can have my tall black coffee at RM4.75, the psychological effect of paying a Starbucks coffee for less than five bucks is just so nice. :P
4. Mama paid for my tumbler at Bandung. *big hug*
5. I spilt my coffee once.
6. I like to hardcore study at Starbucks alone, ignoring the fact that I hate to leave my stuffs on the table without anyone looking after it because I need to use the loo.
7. I once had this study group at Starbucks for the whole day. By whole day, I mean morning till night. Ended up we took over 8 sofa seats and 1 long table. :D
8. First date was at Starbucks.

Drinks I had in my tumbler

Black Coffee
Caramel Machiatto
Green Tea Frappuccino

I had a short self-study session at the library today. The fact where we can bring in our bags into the library now is cool. :P And yes, I will definitely spend more time inside there for the rest of my semester.

It's a never ending learning process when I'm with you.

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