Saturday, March 27, 2010


Koko crunch, great way to start off my day.

when I bullshit too much
I don't mean to seek attention
nor do I want to boast
it's just something I do when I'm having fun

I know what I want
I'm clear of my goals
and I definitely know how to achieve it

when I say I can't do this and that
I don't mean it
I just want encouragement
or maybe a piece of advice
not some demoralising lectures

I have confidence in myself
but not enough to call it over-confident
that's because I know when to stop dreaming

Going Hong Kong is something which I live for right now
I'm not going to give it up just because I'm not ready for my trials

things I do now
are not because of you anymore
it's for myself
my future

I take charge of my life really well
that's because
just in case you did not notice
I've grown up

Thank you pa and ma

written by anndaprincess

caramel machiatto better help later.

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