Friday, March 19, 2010


I manage to stop napping before 5pm this week, which means my nap time has reduced till less than 2 hours. :D *proud* Well, guess I need to totally stop napping for next week. Sorry for abandoning my blog for almost week. Photobucket isn't working well with my P1 and hence my pictures cannot be uploaded. I feel uncomfortable blogging without any pictures and so yeah, I stopped for the week until today.

Dear no name,

I won't say I couldn't care less because I do. I really want to know who you are or maybe I already have the right person in mind. Thank you for reading my blog and actually took the time to flame me. :) Since you want everyone to hate me by spreading fake rumours, why not we have this "chat" on my Facebook wall because that way, I bet everyone will definitely notice how bad am I. Add me if you're not on my friendlist but I'm 99% sure you are already on it. Just in case you're not and you up for the invitation, please say that you're no name *unless your real name is*. Thank you.

P/S: I'm deleting all the comments you left and the future ones that you might leave. :) If you still want to waste your time, be my guest.
P/S P/S: Funny thing, my boyfriend doesn't recall dating anyone name "no name".

Yours sincerely,
TSA :)

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