Sunday, February 28, 2010


You hold on to your ugly past too tight
and forgot how pretty things are right now

Nothing in this world stops because of you
therefore you just have to move on

Fake friends
should you give a second glance at them
i think there's something better to do than that

Hatred kills the best inside you
why not spare it
and love someone elso who's more worth it

What's done is done
pointing fingers everywhere does everyone harm

There's a thing called forgive
if you can't
you have no one to blame but yourself

I might be wrong
but were you right all the time

If it's a war you want
i'll have to apologise
because i won't be giving you one

The best would be
us being strangers
as though we've never met before

written by anndaprincess

It's was fine until you posted that status.

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