Saturday, December 5, 2009


I woke up early today to pack my stuffs as I was dropped dead when I reached home yesterday.
Going back soon to Kelana, just waiting for my Dad to pick me up right now.

I'm heading to Hong Kong soon! Finally! Been waiting for the trip since I scored 8 A's during PMR. Walau eh and now I've already finished my sem 2 of A levels!

Ok. This will be just another random post AGAIN. Maybe I should just rename this blog to THE RANDOMIEST OF THE RANDOMEST or RANDOM MOST? RANDOM POST! Maybe MAMA RANDOMOST! ehehehehe vote for it at the chatbox!

First off I found my dream bag. Manyak happy! But I didn't buy it because I'm still hoping to get a better one at HK. If I don't then I'll need to go KL and get it. =) It's from M)phosis so who wants to teman me?

Next, I'm having tonnes of photos in my cam which need to be uploaded. Not to mention photos from Sandakan which I was supposed to blog about. That's why my blog is filled with so many random post because I'm not spending time to write a proper one. =(

Just cut my fringe and I look weird.

I manage to finish a bottle of Heineken on my own and I would say I drink much better than Jia Qi. Wahahahahaha! Poor Jia Yi and Chin Cheah, hope you guys get to sleep yesterday. I know it's not much of a big achievement but still as long as I'm syok then it's enough. =D

I wore skirts 3 out of 5 days of my last college week. All I can say is that I'm addicted to bodycon skirt right now.

That's all for now. Smile people SMILE :)

*snap* you've just fallen out of love just like that

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