Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just finished my Thinking Skills paper 1. Not sure whether I did well in it or not. *big sigh*

Right now I'm really determine not to spend anymore money on apparels stuff. But there's just so many things tempting me recently. Let me show you the list. :)

Wanted but not purchase-able list

1. Lace leggings from The Tiny Space

2. Lace top either from Bunnynoo

or Oh popsicles

or Old Blossom Box

3. Gold Duo Tone Blouse from Pyng Kitsch

4. Bib necklace from The It Girl

5. Lastly the-so-must-have spanky pants from Miss OCD

All pics credit to their respective blogshops.

Any advice people?
Should I get the spanky pants?

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