Saturday, August 22, 2009

long post

Okay guys. Now I'm currently at my cousin's house uploading tonnes of pictures on Facebook. So it's time for me to update my so-long-not-updated-blog. =D Just sit back and relax to enjoy the super duper long post.
First of all, let me share a picture which I took.


Ok. So it's been around two weeks since I last updated. Lots of things had happened during this period of time.

Start off with the Taylor's Charity Carnival. Pictures took from the event was quite satisfying. =D Mr Wei Kuang took shots of me upon my request.

Big thanks to Mr Wei Kuang and his new lens.

From left to right: Xian Hui, Ju Hann, Me and Kee Chong

I personally like this photo. =D Thanks to Ju Hann for his priceless facial expression.

Miss Chan and Miss Huang. They just did a good deed. *claps*

No one takes pictures in a haunted house like Mr Finn does.

Next, if you guys did notice, previously I was adverstising for the Wish Upon A Crane play which was organised by Taylor's Business Studies Club. Quite reluctant to put the pictures up because I suck at taking pictures in dark areas. You guys can notice it from the previous uploads such as pictures from the CAL-ebration Party and Senior Prom Night. No matter what I still need to upload some pictures to show some support for my club. =D

My awesome pic. =D

Miss Chan =)

The Black Spirit

During rehearsal.

Our first and only class couple from 0901PB2.

Mr and Mrs Loh. =D
Congrats to both of them, especially Xin Yi.

Mr brand new Casio vintage-look-alike watch.

I explored 2 new places in Selangor.
First stop the almighty Murni mamak at SS2.

My chicken chop

Food there was just so so. I don't understand why is there such a big crowd. =X

Next, Solaris @ Mount Kiara. We, being the obedient kids just dropped by at Biz Cafe instead of bars and pubs over there.

Another night that just burnt my pocket.

I simple love the caramel milk there. It's awesome and I'll try to make it on my own some time.

And another exciting thing for me. Topshop is having their own two-tone tights!!!! I hope Malaysia's Topshop will be selling it. *pray hard*

Picture credit to Topshop

Trials is coming soon yet I'm still slacking. =(

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