Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Friday


Outfit for the day
Janice Man Tee: ODF @ The Gardens
High waist slack: Miss Selfridge
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Bazaar

Preparing for Maths test while having breakfast at McD.

and I was busy taking pictures of them. =D

Lunch at Pasta Zanmai

My old buddies.

Thanks to Chee Han's and Kai Lee's friend for taking the picture.

Usually I blog before my picutres are uploaded. This time I decided to do it the opposite way. =D

So we had 2 tests today, Accounting and Maths. As you can see, after we ended our Accounting test we headed to McD for our breakfast. Everyone was busy browsing through the notes while all I did was waiting for my camera's battery to be fully charged.

Taylor's University College main campus had a charity bazaar today. It was organise by the student council of Taylor's. Frankly speaking, it was quite a successful event compared to the Awesome Possume Bazaar which I mentioned in my blog previously.

After classes I went to Pasta Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid for lunch with my old kakis. =D It has been ages since I last met them. We spent 2 hours there, that included waiting for the arrival of VIP, Chee Han and for him to finish his assignment. Art courses are totally different from A levels. All we do is mug mug and mug while they make use of their creativity every single day and transform it into something "tangible". *paiseh can't find the right word for it* It makes me think that did I choose the right path to do A levels instead of Fashion M&M. Well, what's done is done. Furthermore, I'm having my trials in a month's time. *sigh*

Found this treasure at the Charity Bazaar in my college today.
Chanel Inspired Flap Bag
It cost me only RM39!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Oh yea, I used Picasa Google to edit my pictures into collages. A really useful edit tool for a lazy person like me. =D

Missed out my baskin. =(
Wish me luck for QTI tomorrow.

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