Saturday, July 25, 2009


Come to think about it I haven't been spending time with my ex classmates. The biggest cause of it is that my driver, Mr Tang had went to Japan for his studies. So, I'm forced to stay at home whenever I'm back in Seremban. It's ok though as I can save some shopping money. It's been more than half a year since we all left secondary school and pursue our pre-university courses in different places. Reunion party should be held soon!

At a young age I've been moving from states to states. Most of my friends don't even know where was I born. FYI, I'm born in Ipoh and only stayed there for 3 years. Then, I was in Kuantan around 2 years. I did my primary education in Alor Star, Kedah and attended Keat Hwa I for month then left for Kuantan again.

This time I met a bunch of really close buddies. We spent our 3 years together since the first day I attended my class in SMK Tanah Putih. Along the way, conflicts are just unavoidable. We tend to learn things from mistakes and that bonds us. So every year, 20/07, since the year I left Kuantan, I will receive a special call from them and it always makes my tears drop. So this year was also the same. It's been 1 and a half year since I went back to Kuantan. I miss the outings and the beach and not to forget the late night yamcha sessions.

Alor Star was also not bad. Food there is awesome and I wasn't use to it when I first moved to Kuantan. Alor Star has an advantage geographically. It's near to Penang and the Thailand border. Most of the holidays I get to go to Penang and Hatyai, don't forget Langkawi too. That time I thought Langkawi was a super boring place to be at. Now I can't wait to get back there after the scrumptious meal at Barn Thai and the snorkeling sessions.

In Taylor's, I think most of us met different kind of people from what we use to see during the school days. It's lucky that we all did get along after all. 0901PB2, a small class which consists of only 16 students. We started of having lunch as a class and till now we still do that, although not that often. Blame the guys because they don't wanna give way to the girls to choose where to have the lunch. XP Apart of it, blame me too. Other than my classmates, I can't miss out the people that I've known through the Student Council. We always have a nice yamcha session after we finish each event.

Let's go way back to 2006.




P/S: To the council, I should take more pictures with u guys. Cause I'm always the one taking pictures for u all T.T

My ♥ to Mr. Bear

My beloved classmates,
please remember to ask your parents about the trip.

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