Monday, June 29, 2009


Cardigan: Zara
Outer top: MNG
Inner top: PDI
Jeans: MNG

Beh tahan my tired look so I'm not going to post my full length picture. =D So it was Saturday and I went to P.J early in the morning with my parents. The only place I went to during holiday was P.J, mainly to solve all the problems related to our new house. Quite satisfied with how my holidays went although it was quite unproductive.

That's all for Saturday, let's talk about today.

So it's the college-reopen-day eve. Mr Finn Tan Manly called me early in the morning and asked me to go to college. By the time I was there, the guys were having their mamak-ing time at Asia Cafe. In the end, I think I was conned by him because we didn't even discuss about the Malaysian Studies essay together. Lunch was at Mian Dui Mian, my weekly stop for lunch. Two thumbs up for Transformer 2, totally an awesome movie. Can anyone tell me the red car's name? He's so cute and brave when he fought with the giant decepticon.

After my noon nap, I had a nasty stomachache and ended up vommiting. It's all fine now as I can walk and jump as usual.

To all my beloved CAL-mates, countdown 48 days till our AS trials.

Hate me or love me
have it your way.

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